Fantastic Origami

Lovro Žmak – Mordele association

Ever wanted to know how to make a unicorn from Blade Runner? Want to learn how to make a dragon or some other fantastic creature? Or do you prefer spacecrafts and want to make your own origami X-Wing? The “Fantastic Origami Workshop” is the right place for you – come and learn how to make various creatures from fantastic mythology with the help of origami masters of SF&F Mordele from Poreč. The workshop is open for people of all ages.


DJ Pejo

Master of the microphone and DJ desk you could never get bored with! A man who makes radio playlists on the regular basis, and is otherwise at both open and closed type parties. In short – we’re jumping until our feet start hurting.

DJ Pejo has been acquiring the basics of the trade in radio programs for the past 8 years. He has been playing the music at clubs in Rijeka – and beyond – for years. He has won the DJ competition in Beertija, and became a resident right after. His playlist usually contains rock classics, but also funk, ska, swing and many other genres.

Concert by Take it DEE DEE


Take it Dee Dee is one of the rare, and perhaps the only, Ramones cover band in Croatia.

They held a lot of performances in the past 4-5 years. For instance, at a Slovenian open air festival they played first, early in the afternoon and in front of an empty auditorium, which eventually turned into a private concert for the band Exploited. The band members are: Lars Ramone, J. B. Ramone, S. J. Ramone and Felicio Ramone.

Concert by The Winch


The Winch was founded in 2003 and a number of members have passed through it. The founder of the group is guitarist Goran Kovačić. The band plays covers of great hard rock groups like Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Eric Clapton, Motorhead, AC / DC, Whitesnake… Current members are Robert Antolić (bass), Goran Kovačić (guitar), Tihomir Kešelj (drums), Vedran Laković (vocals) and Ratko Cuculić (keyboards).


Nikola Maslić


Join us on an adventure full of fantasies and magics. Live your life you never dreamed having. Swords, mallets and magic – everything is allowed.


There has been a mysterious murder in the village of Wallowdale. You, as a team of detectives, arrived to inspect every detail and to bring the killer to trial. Join in and discover all things that happened and meet the people of this tiny village.

Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k is a miniature wargame which consists of collecting, assembling and painting futuristic armies in a 28 mm scale. The game recreates fantastic warfare in the 41st millennium on a tabletop model of a battlefield. On Friday, anyone with a Warhammer 40k army (no matter how many points) can have a friendly game. For those who are interested in 40k but are not familiar with the hobby, the game will be presented by event hosts. Registration for the tournament on Saturday (format and points by agreement) will also be open. On Saturday, along with the regular program, there will be a Warhammer 40k tournament with prizes if enough people register. The tournament should start no later than 8pm, so please be sure to register as soon as possible. Registrations and arrangements in event room.

Magic: the Gathering Tournament

Borna Bilandžija

We are announcing Magic: The Gathering Tournament. Playing formats will be Modern (Saturday at 15:00) and Booster draft Core Set 2020 (Friday at 18:00). Great prizes and awesome company guaranteed!

For additional details and registration visit:

Presentation of Airsoft Association Kvarner

Sara Mart

The Airsoft Association Kvarner was created to bring together and affiliate several airsoft clubs in and around Rijeka. Airsoft is a military simulation sport, similar to paintball, in which replacements of firearms that eject balls are used. The goal of the airsoft meeting is to have fun while mastering military techniques and communication. Learn about replicas of real weapons, the concept of airsoft and how to get started. And of course, with expert supervision, try something out of the arsenal yourself.