Barbarian – Liburnicon Evergreen

Offended by the last year’s contest for their honour, the barbarian gods are searching for satisfaction – who doesn’t win is to be sacrificed! Who will be sent by the barbarian clans from all four sides of the world into this year’s competition for the barbarian above all barbarians? Their most competent, or only the bravest?

Beer Pong Quest

You think you can play ping-pong and drink beer? We have a perfect game for you! Gather your team and aim for the opposing team glasses and make them do silly things – or drink!

Water darts

One of the favorite youth games is also available at Liburnicon! Assemble a team, arm yourself with water rifles, and demonstrate the art of shooting medallions. Enchant us with precision and win a prize or douse everyone around you. The choice is yours.


Sleepy Hollow

The headless rider wanders once again to the famous Sleepy Hollow Valley, where residents die of fear. But this time, he also has helpers. Ichabod Crane was sent to unravel the mystery and prevent further killings. Help Ichabod stop the Headless Rider… or try being the Headless Rider and get rid of the only threat.


Do you have an exceptional voice? Do you sing while in the shower? Come to karaoke and show off your talent or just have fun. Karaoke is a great ending to Liburnicon Saturday where we will all have fun, laugh and, if we do everything right, lose our voices.


Star Trek bowling – Liburnicon Evergreen

Four technologically and ideologically diverse alliances are fighting for dominance over planets located in the Neutral Territory. Alliances quickly form, but also break up. Will you be on the side of a just Federation, Killingon warriors, treacherous Romulans, or a mighty Dominion? But beware of the merciless Borg! Try this group strategy game and determine if you have what it takes to be a true Star Fleet Admiral or your alliance will be permanently erased from Star Cards.


Mystery Solved – Room Escape

The famous writer was killed. What with? How? And who committed the murder? It’s up to you to discover the weapon and the killer. Gather a team of 4 researchers and look for clues that indicate the killer. Half an hour is enough to become a true detective and bring the killer to justice.