Photo by: Filip Gržinčić

Liburnicon has long been known for its magical summer atmosphere where a varied group of cosplayers proudly present their artwork at the open air stage. Once again this year we expect a great response from domestic and international cosplayers who will shine in front of the audience in the lights of Liburnicon. If you wish to join in one of the greatest attractions of our festival, we bring you the cosplay competition rules:

This year contestant’s applications can be submitted OVER THE INTERNET. This is mandatory for all who want to compete in category of performance. The application should be submitted before Wednesday 14th of August by 23:59h. Other cosplayers can apply for contest at the Info desk at Liburnicon but in order to get their cosplay registration discount, they have to be fully dressed in costume so we suggest submitting online applications to all cosplayers.


The minimum age for competing in the cosplay competition is 14.

Competing is not allowed for current year’s competition organizers and jury.

Anyone can apply to the competition, but if a contestant has already won prizes with the costume in question, priority will be given to other contestants.


Prejudging will be carried out by the jury. It can include questions about the making of the costumes and closer examination of parts of the costumes in order to establish the quality of the costumes. It is open to the audience and is a mandatory part of the cosplay competition!

Photo by: Filip Gržinčić

Photo by: Filip Gržinčić


There are 5 categories in this year’s cosplay competition. It is not necessary to announce which category you’re competing in – the jury will grant the award to the competitors who best satisfiy the criteria for a given category.

Audience award. The costume that gets the most stickers from the audience during the festival gets the Audience award. The booklet for the stickers can be picked up at the Info desk, and has to be returned there at the given time on Saturday for vote counting.

Best costume category. The quality of all elements of the costume is appraised, including stitching, crafting, special effects, prop making, bodypaint, adapting the costume to your body proportions… Home-made and independent costume and prop making is especially valued, and no store-bought costumes will be accepted.

Best performance. Performance can be on Croatian or any other foreign langauge. If you need audio or video support, send the required file with the application. The performance must last at least 30 seconds and up to 3 minutes. Let your imagination run free and try to entertain the audience and jury: you can be funny, serious, tell a story, sing or dance. This category accepts both home-made and store-bought costumes, because an attractive performance is the most important criteria.

Best first cosplay. As the title says, this category is reserved for everyone competing first time. The main purpose of this award is to inspire and encourage you for future cosplays.

Best overall impression. This award is for the best of the best. The winning criteria are a well-made costume and a good performance!

This year, category group is no longer an independent category, but groups of 2 to 5 cosplayers apply together and compete in the above categories according to the same criteria as individual competitors. Group members can assist each other in making costumes and, if they have a performance, they must all take part in it.

For all questions and suggestions contact us via e-mail: See you at Liburnicon!

Photo by: Filip Gržinčić