What is Liburnicon?

Liburnicon is a festival of science fiction, fantasy, advanced science, history and mythology, organised by the association „Kulturni front“ from Opatija.

Since the first time it was held in 2006, Liburnicon has constantly been growing, and today it is a festival with over 2500 visitors of all ages and interests swarming to Opatija from all over Croatia and abroad. Opatija is a famous northern Adriatic tourist resort known for its exceptional historic architecture, romantic seaside promenades, world famous parks and beaches proudly showing the Blue flags as the testament of quality.

For thirteen years in a row the Liburnicon staff team makes an effort to bring interesting domestic and international lecturers, scientists and writers. During the last few seasons, we hosted some of famous Croatian scientists, such as Dr. Sc. Davor Pavuna, academic Vladimir Paar, archaeologist Ranko Starac, globally renowned astronomer Korado Korlević, physicist Dr. Sc. Davor Horvatić and many others. Our international guests include notable writers, comic book artists, editors and game developers:

Games, workshops, presentations and shows are what makes our festival different from international conventions. Fun at a concert with refreshing beer, an afternoon’s swim on one of Opatija’s many beaches or a game of „Giant Settlers“ between lectures is what makes our festival feel special.

In any case, Liburnicon is a great place to meet new people or strengthen old friendships. It is an excellent way to spend a constructive and entertaining weekend taking advantage of a rich and varied schedule where everyone can find something for themselves.

See you at the next Liburnicon!