Sweet Angel: “How to start with cosplay”

Besides being one of the judges on this year’s Liburnicon cosplay competition, Sweet Angel is preparing a panel “How to start with cosplay”. The panel is about cosplay basics: character references, proportions, materials, lenses and wigs, but it also has some useful suggestions for competitions! She is carrying her prints as well, so fans can acquire a copy.

Q&A with Tad Williams & Panel “Epic fantasy”

In a Q&A with Croatian writer and translator of his books, Milena BeniniTad Williams talks about his long and succesful career, the way of creating fantasy worlds and stories that have ensnared readers all around the world, his experience with publishing his work, readers’ reception and plans for his new literary ventures and projects.

In his panel with a historian of medieval studies and a great fan of epic fantasy, Robert Kurelić, he discusses what is so compelling about high fantasy and why is it formative for so many, what it shares with real medieval history and what are the strategic points of difference, as well as what stories inspired him the most.