Guest of honor 2019


Tad Williams is the world-renowned author of epic fantasy novels whose works have been translated to over 25 languages with more than 17 million published copies. He first gained fame with the debut of his “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn” trilogy whose books “The Dragonbone Chair”, “Stone of Farewell” and “To Green Angel Tower” put him on par with the most famous of Tolkien’s successors. The trilogy follows a young kitchen boy who through a set of circumstances becomes a hero and saves the world in a series of crucial battles and adventures.

The SF tetralogy “Otherland” takes us into an anti-utopian world at the end of the 21st century where the majority of the world’s population is interlinked to a virtual reality under the control of a powerful organization opposed by a marginalized few.

The tetralogy “Shadowmarch” which represents his return to fantasy has also been translated to Croatian, as has the stand-alone book “The War of the Flowers” which follows a failed singer who crosses over from our world into a faerie realm. Williams draws his inspiration from the Arthurian legends, various folklore traditions, Christian, ancient German and Celtic mithologies and Tolkien’s fantasy.

Finally, let us mention that he also works in comics and has written scripts for the DC Comics releases “Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis” and “The Next”.


The second guest who will carry the title of Guest of Honor of this year’s Liburnicon is Sweet Angel, Italian cosplayer and brand ambassador for world famous brand of sewing machines, Janome Italia!

Sweet Angel is in cosplay since 2008 and she won many awards in various categories on Lucca Comics, Mestre Comics, Rimini Comics, Comicsland and other prestigious Italian conventions.

Some of the characters she impersonated are Alleyne from the series Queen’s blade, Eve from Elsword, Ignis from Jingay Makyo, Kirin armor from Monster Hunter, Neliel tu Oderschvank from Bleacha, and many others.

As a guest, panelist and cosplay judge, she attended many conventions and festivals throughout Europe – from Spain and Portugal, UK, Ireland and France, to Germany, Austria and Bulgaria, and now she is coming to Liburnicon, Opatija, Croatia!

Photo by Marco Galeano

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