Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k is a miniature wargame which consists of collecting, assembling and painting futuristic armies in a 28 mm scale. The game recreates fantastic warfare in the 41st millennium on a tabletop model of a battlefield. On Friday, anyone with a Warhammer 40k army (no matter how many points) can have a friendly game. For those who are interested in 40k but are not familiar with the hobby, the game will be presented by event hosts. Registration for the tournament on Saturday (format and points by agreement) will also be open. On Saturday, along with the regular program, there will be a Warhammer 40k tournament with prizes if enough people register. The tournament should start no later than 8pm, so please be sure to register as soon as possible. Registrations and arrangements in event room.

5 comments on “Warhammer 40k”
  1. M

    Da li je potrebno imati potpuno pobojanu armiju?

    • Ana


      Nije, ali je bitno imati uobičajene stvari sa sobom: Codex od vojske da se može napraviti army list, kockice i metar.
      Nije veliki problem ako netko dođe bez metra, bitno je da ima modele i pravila za svoju vojsku u nekom obliku (može biti isprintano ili digitalno).


      Kristian Stojšić

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