Industry human size “Ludo”

Ever had the desire to be a pawn in the famous game “Ludo”? Come play the human-sized “Ludo”, where you go through the fields of fun quests, difficult questions, punishments and rewards. Group your friends into a team of three and single out a well-known game.



Terrible Creations: “Liburnicon is to blame for everything!”

Liburnicon is to blame for everything!” conclude Lucija, Matija and Siro, remembering the days when they came back from Liburnicon of 2014 to embark on an adventure that will eventually become known as Terrible Creations!

Five Liburnicons later, they will share the experiences they have gained by turning a hobby into business, talk about what they would like to do, answer our questions …

Additionally, they bring us the prize-winning game “TC gives for the Fifth Birthday!” For each of their programs at Liburnicon, they will select one winner among participants and award him or her with a prize. They have also prepared one bigger reward that will be awarded after the end of the last program, which can be obtained by anyone who participated in any program! You wonder, which acts of the program? So let’s begin:

❗️ “Uskoci” (up to two hours, up to 10 players, 16+)
Famous Petar Kružic fell into the hands of the Turks. The sailors who fought with him must decide whether to leave him to his fate. ”

❗️ “Residency” (up to two hours, up to 10 players, 16+)
The great noble house in the woods has become a crime scene. But the secrets that it hides lie much deeper. Do you dare to reveal them to the end? ”

❗️ “LarpaTon – Make a game in one hour” (up to two hours, up to 30 participants, 16+)
You want a game where you will play the main role with your and friends? Make your own mini game with enjoyable roles in just an hour! And immediately try it out! You don´t know anything about it? Doesn´t matter – we’ll explain everything to you! ”

❗️“LarpaTon – Playtest (up to two hours)”
Be the first to play the game! Just arrived from Liburnicon vault!