The Big Villain Quiz

Antonija Meržanić

“That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.” It is said that in order for a story to be good, it must have a good villain. This quiz is completely dedicated to those whose purpose is to chase away heroes and scare, annoy, or thrill us.


XXL Book Quiz

Vesna Kurilić & Antonija Mežnarić

From this to that, does the concept of: a) a quiz; b) a book, really need to be explained? 🙂 From Aaronovitch to Zagorka (really, isn’t it Žiljak if we go alphabetically?), fantasy, SF, magical realisms, steampunks and other punks, and other readable sub-genres. You don’t have to worry, we don’t bite, and just because we can’t agree on how to write an announcement for a program point doesn’t mean there won’t be meaningful questions.



Battleship! (Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz)

Lada Božić & Dubravko Thor

Gather the team and embark on an epic naval battle! May the greatest captain be your guide! We are joking, get your friends together, hop in and play some battleship. Jack Saparrow would have lost you anyway. But it would be cool if you would know something about him, given that instead of cannonballs we will be firing correct answers about “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.


Anime Opening Quiz

Janko Jardas

Attention anime fans! If you are a person that doesn’t skip openings and enjoys every second of the song, this is the quiz for you. Try to guess which anime it is by listening to its opening theme. Quiz is not hard, so everyone who knows what anime is, is welcome!


Harry Potter Quiz

Ana Bura

Dear witches and wizards, show us your knowledge of the most famous wizard in the world. Come and remember the details of your favourite series. As in the Triwizard  Tournament, eternal glory awaits the winner.

Big Blue – Sea Quiz

Koviljka Lazar

To the bottom of the sea and back! Thematically related with summer, sea, beaches and adventures – sea quiz will test your knowledge about movies and TV shows that were happening at the sea, near the sea, below the sea and just maybe we manage to find out where Atlantis is!


Animated Quiz

Iva Pavlić

Quiz about cartoons, tv shows and some anime. From Cartoon Network, Disney and Netflix, from trivia and characters to opening intros we will try to wake up your nostalgia with this quiz and remember why we still watch cartoons (for children and adults).